Suite Memoirs, james Behr, New Age Piano


(1) Coming Home 4:28  (2) Anticipation  2:50  (3) Future Hope 4:39  (4) Good Times  2:28   (5) Whimsical Dreamer  6:18  (6) Flirts/Reply 2:25  (7) Rags 3:44  (8) Enchanted  7:20  (9) Elegy for Towers Fallen 3:11  (10) Alone  4:15  (11) Resolve 8:20          total:  50:19       


1.  COMING HOME, dedicated to soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, reflects the yearning to go home after being away so long.

2.  GOOD TIMES recalls college days and time spent with friends.

3.  ANTICIPATION reflects the bubbly excitement of performing concerts.

4.  WHIMSICAL DREAMER depicts intense student life at Juilliard, portraying my friends and me:  artistic, playful, mischievous.  

5.  FUTURE HOPE depicts the initial years after college, getting started in life.

6.  RAGS (also a song in my musical “Dreamquest”) conveys the thrill of performing and my adoration of ragtime music.  

7-8.  The next two works address romance:  FLIRTS/REPLY (wooing & coquettish responses) and sensuous ENCHANTED.  

9.  ELEGY FOR TOWERS FALLEN, written days after 9/11, expresses the profound sadness of victimized families.

10.  ALONE melodiously recalls moments of loss and loneliness.  

11.  RESOLVE, the finale, reflects upon years of struggle and hopes to achieve lifelong dreams.

© Suite Memoirs by James Behr.  All Rights Reserved.  

Recorded in Gem Studio, NY on a Steinway L.  James Behr is a Steinway Artist.

Suite Memoirs features James Behr performing 11 original piano works.  Below are the stories behind each piece in his own words.