Dream Ballet from musical
Jack Lond Suite CD
The Count of Monte Cristo Musical


Boca Sweet for symphonic pops

Behr is a superb & critically acclaimed American composer. Works below feature his 3 piano concertos (Europa, Paradigms, Fantasy Latina), The Count of Monte Cristo musical & Boca Sweet (symphonic pops).

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Behr's musical style is melodic yet contemporary, in a word, Modern Romanticism.  He rejects intense atonality of modern composers and strives for balance:  melody alongside modernism, phase music, light atonality, and multiculturalism ranging from folksy/jazzy American to Turkish to Russian to Hispanic.  The kaleidoscopic feel is fresh, unique and modern yet a salute to that which makes Romantic music so beloved.  Behr, a product of classical training (he's a Juilliard graduate with a B.M. & M.M.), admires atonality from Stravinsky to Schoenberg, but believes a return to romanticism in the Classical world is long overdue.  The need to reach new audiences with accessible new music is important.

Behr releases, available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and many more, include his three piano concertos (Fantasy Latina, Europa & Paradigms), "Symphonic Works" (Boca Sweet, The Count of Monte Cristo and Wall Street Dreamquest musicals & more), Suite Memoirs (new-age piano), Behr Plays Behr Plays Chopin (B minor Sonata), Prisms (jazz/nu-jazz) Rhapsody Tableaux (new-age/blue-age piano), and Kaleidoscope Suite (fusion rock/new age).