A texting-obsessed sneak, a divorced mother, a professor, a Latina about to turn 30... E-date, based upon actual experiences on the Internet, depicts their love quest and comical yet odd experiences.  Tech-savvy, low-cost, roaring humor, great songs, deep story... fall in love with E-date!

A Success Waiting to Happen:

• Instant subject recognition (Internet dating) to millions

• Award-winning composer

• Low-cost production with small cast

• Merchandizing opportunities (CD/MP3, etc.)

• A social network & website allowing listeners to explore music online.

OVERVIEW:  E-date, by award-winning composer/lyricist James Behr, was chosen and awarded among hundreds of submissions by the New York New Theater Works Festival and performed at the Off-Broadway Times Square Arts Center and Theater for the New City.  E-date is tech-savvy and modern.  On-stage monitors project texting and dating websites, allowing the audience to see the online experience as the story unfolds.  With a small cast, minimalist set and an orchestra requiring no musicians via midi technology, this is a low-cost production with roaring humor and great songs – a touching and adorable story.

SYNOPSIS:  Sylvia, a lovely Latina about to turn 30, nervously yearns to start a family.  Markela, a divorced Minnesota woman new to online dating, wants a man who accepts her seven-year-old daughter.  Jeff, an Internet guru, is a sweet guy with disturbing, hidden obsessions.  Ralph, a 50-year-old divorced NYU English Literature professor with two kids, faces a quite different challenge.  Finding love online becomes a bigger challenge than they expect, with unexpected twists – some for the better, some not.  Four people looking for love in Internet Land.  A story for everyone.  Cast of five:   Sylvia (29), Markela (35), Jeff (30), Ralph

(50), Paulina (7).  

©  E-date by James Behr.  All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at Gem Studio, New York.

E-DATE • a musical comedy

looking for love . . .  in Internet land